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How to Know If You Need Counseling

How to Know If You Need Counseling

Counseling sometimes has a stigma behind it and some people get uncomfortable with the mention of the very word.


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      Knowing when you need to actually go and talk to someone else about what your going through in your life or relationships is very important. If you say "I don't need counseling," I am sorry to break the news but you most likely do in fact need counseling. Most of the time the one's who are most resistant to facing a third party are people who genuinely should go but fear,anxiety,denial,selfishness, or pride keep that from happening. One must at least see a need to see a counselor
      or be willing to go even if it is for a couple sessions.
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      If you have been having more than just a few hard days emotionally. There are times when we all face some very upsetting and deeply sad days. If these moments are lasting more than they normally should and it is starting to affect your lifestyle you need to go and talk with someone about how you feel. What do i mean about it affecting your lifestyle? If the feelings of sadness or depression keep you from spending time with people, work, or staying physically active on a daily basis.
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      You should definitely go and talk to a counselor if you have been through a tragedy or have had a deep loss. Going to see a counselor never means there is something wrong with you. People need to keep this in mind when considering counseling. There are times when you need to talk to someone who has a neutral viewpoint and who is not closely related to the situation. This type of professional relationship will be healthy and beneficial for your growth and healing.
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