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7 secrets of good relationships

7 secrets of good relationships

April 24th, 2012 by Rachel Shattock Dawson BA (Hons), MA, MBACP
1. Communication
This is the biggest ‘secret’: Keep talking and keep listening. When couples stop talking to each other the relationship is all but over. It’s good if you can share thoughts and feelings honestly, and know that criticising, shouting or nagging damages self-esteem and ultimately the relationship. Good communicators are better at resolving conflict and are able to apologise when necessary.
2. Support
Good couples are like a team, joined at the hip and stronger facing the world together. You’ll both have career, money, life and death lows in your lifetime – be there for the downs and you’ll still be there together to share the ups.
3. Play
The old saying, ‘Couples who play together stay together’ holds true whether you’re 19 or 90. Whether you share a passion for sport, dancing, gardening or travel, the more you enjoy doing things together the more you’ll cement your relationship.

4. Respect
When couples respect each other no-one gets shouted down, walked-over or stuck with all the chores. With love and respect comes fidelity and all the perks of being trusted, loved and appreciated.
5. Freedom
Allowing, or better still encouraging your partner to grow and develop, even if it means more time away from the relationship, is a wonderful gift if it’s given happily. If people feel free they don’t feel the need to escape.
6. Intimacy
Romance and intimacy is as important twenty years down the line as it is during the early days. From holding hands while you walk, to cuddling up on the sofa, set aside some time to just be together. Candles, chocolate and flowers still help too!
7. Sex
Good partners care about how to please their partner sexually. They’re attentive, responsive and tender. As the couple matures, so does a good sex life.

Source: http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/counsellor-articles/7-secrets-of-good-relationships

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